I'm an IT software professional with diverse experiences in implementing efficient technical solutions. I have worked with and continue to work within the Finance, Security, Healthcare and Retail industry. "Software is eating the world" is a common phrase in the industry which highlights how new and old companies are using software and Internet-style applications to transform and disrupt industries. I help businesses who want and have a need to leverage software for an edge. A few of the companies I've worked for are Wayne State University, Ford Motors Co, and Internet Security Systems.

My area of focus is in the complete lifecycle of modern software development. This means gathering of business requirements with emphasis on business value to be gained. Guiding development of said software with focus on delivering within the constraints of time, fixed budget and human resources. I believe in building for today, yet thinking about tomorrow for systems that can serve the client for a long time, are well documented, maintainable and scalable.

The technologies that I advice on but not limited to are AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Docker, Linux Containers, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Kafka, MongoDB, Redis, Serverless, NoSQL DBs, Mobile App Development, Language Choices, Machine & Deep Learning frameworks

My personal interest related to computing is artifical intelligence, constraint & logic programming, software engineering, parallel processing, computer security, mathematics and neuro science.